September 24, 2022

Pinterest Image Downloader For Android Download Pinterest Videos Also

Similar to videos Pinterest is also having another tool for Downloading images from Pinterest. Pinterest Image Downloader 2022 is not only available for Android devices it’s also available on the iPhone and PCs.

So you need not download any other applications for iPhones and PCs. So let’s see the step-by-step process of Downloading the Pinterest Photo Downloader.

Pinterest Image Downloader Online

As you know that Pinterest is used almost worldwide by people. Pinterest is an interesting social media network that allows you to see and share the contents that are created by you and others.

It was only allowing images with contents to be shared in the past but now it is not the same as you can share images, videos, and gifs without any limits.

So Pinterest Picture Downloader was developed because there is no easy way to download images from Pinterest. So Pinterest Photo Downloader will surely make it easy for you to download images from Pinterest.

How to Save Pinterest Image on Android, iPhone, or Pc

  • Step 1: Firstly, you should visit the official site of Pinterest or you should open your mobile application.
  • Step2: Next you shall find the image of your choice that you should download.
  • Step3: You can copy the link of the images through the address bar or you can do it through the share button.
  • Step4: Next paste the copied link into this tool’s text input box.
  • Step5: You shall see the download button when you copy the link into it. Click on it to go to the download page.
  • Step6: Lastly you can click on the confirm button to confirm and let the download process get completed.

Pinterest Gif & Pic Downloader Online

Pinterest gif downloader is another online tool similar to Pinterest image downloader. This tool will let you download Pinterest gifs, images, anime, and many more contents. This will allow you to save the downloaded gifs and images to your mobiles and PCs directly. This is also similar to the Pinterest image and video downloader because this tool will also provide you to download high-definition gifs with various qualities and resolutions. Then by using these tools if you are still facing some issues related to this you can try our all-in-one Pinterest video, image, and gifs downloader tool.

How to Download Pinterest Gifs on Android, iPhone, or Pc

  • Step 1: Open the Pinterest application on your mobile or open the website Pinterest in your browser.
  • Step 2: search for the gif you desire and open it for download.
  • Step 3: Next you shall copy the link of the gif from the address bar or from the share button.
  • Step 4: you shall paste the copied link into the search box of this tool.
  • Step 5: Next you will find the download button as soon as you paste the link. Click on it to get the download started.
  • Step 6: the last step is that just confirm the gif and let the download process continue. After the download process is completed you shall access the gif.

How Can I Download Pinterest Story Online

So this story downloader is as similar to other online tools that are present now. So you can download all the story pins that have been made on Pinterest. So this tool’s 24/7 service will surely help you with the download process at any time. This is considered one of the fastest and safe Pinterest story downloaders as of now. So the following steps will guide you to know about the process of downloading the stories from Pinterest.

What are Pinterest Idea (Story) Pins?

You should know about these idea pins which it is now called idea pins. But this was earlier called and considered as story pins. So this feature is launched recently on Pinterest for sharing multiple images, texts, and videos in a single pin. You can also use these idea (story) pins to enhance your followers and engage simultaneously with this feature.

Download Pinterest Story Pins in HD Quality

If you are looking to download high-quality and high-resolution stories from the Pinterest app, so you can use this story downloader for the best experience and be benefitted. You shall download Top quality story pins in just one click.

How Can I Download Pinterest Story Pins Online?

All major operating systems are allowed to use this Pinterest Story Downloader 2022 without any restrictions. You get this story downloader online tool on your mobile phones, MacBooks, PCs, and laptops.

Follow the steps mentioned below to get the story(idea) pins downloaded to your device.

  1. Firstly, you should open the Pinterest app or the website in your browser.
  2. just copy the story pin or the idea pin URL from the address bar or from the share button.
  3. you should paste the copied URL into this tool’s search bar to get the download option.
  4. therefore, you shall download Pinterest story pins easily.

The next thing you can do is hit the download button and save the desired story from Pinterest to your device.

What is a Pinterest Story/Idea Pins Downloader?

It is one of the best online tools to download story pins in Mp4 and JPEG formats. The compatible online service which allows you to download the story pins from the Pinterest idea pins. Fast and simple online downloading tool compared to other tools.

Does Your Site keep a copy of videos & images?

No, we do not attempt to save any of your downloaded records. The download link is directly fetched from the Pinterest servers so you need not worry about this issue.

How many Pinterest Story Pins I can download?

There are no common restrictions made by this online tool. So you can download unlimited story pins anytime anywhere.

Can I save the image from this site?

Yes, surely you can download the images and as well as videos from this online tool and save them on your device.

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